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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  July 3, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning. nbc 10 today. >> i'm vai sikahema. as long as your making plans, make shower your weather is going to be okay. check in withal bill henley. more than okay. great day today. hot afternoon, yes. see a lot of sunshine and the humidity that was so high over the weekend. that is starting to come down this morning. it's going to be pretty low this afternoon. temperatures lower in the suburbs. 61 degrees in philadelphia. right now in philadelphia seeing 70s. king of prussia at 65 degrees. sunshine warm temperature into the middle 80s by 11:00 this morning. lehigh valley looking at sunshine. sunshine for new jersey and philadelphia. we'll warm up into the low 90s this afternoon. hot one, yes, humidity will be gradually coming down this morning. really feel it during the day. 90 degrees during the suburbs. 92 for inland areas of new jersey. right along the shore. fog see in cape may. clearing warms at 85 at the shore. close to 90 this afternoon in
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the lehigh valley. sunny and hot. low humidity for delaware. break it down hour by hour. what to expect heading out the door. first, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. moving through center city right now. here we are watching the vine. camera around eighth street. right here westbound here. eastbound. noft a lot of cars on the roads right now. pretty much going get wherever you have to go with no problem. crash watch for the intersection. right around maple avenue. that's new into the system. 95 looks okay. check out drive times here. moving through delaware north or south from 295 to 495 just a ten minute trip. also watching the bridges. everything cleared right now. no scheduled openings for tacomy palmyra and burlington bristol. next update in ten minutes. >> thank you, jessica. breaking news from overseas. german police reporting multiple deaths in this bus accident.
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tour bus crash and went into flames. breaking here at home. firefighters on the scene of garage fire in roxborough. called to silverwood street around 4:30 this morning. fire is now under control. investigators are looking for the cause. free parties. history, music. all ahead today on wawa welcome america festival. >> celebration picks up in just a few hours at independence mall. live with a look at all the free family fun ahead. >> and tracie and vie, what better place to do it than where it all began for america. independence hall right behind me here. see the city workers and folks getting set up for the big refresh your recollection later on this evening. philly pops are going to be performing later on tonight right in front of independence hall. have the stage pretty much set
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in front of that. in the historic district after all. going be the center of all the action on this july 4th eve. the philadelphia historic district block party that starts just a few hours from now at noon. right here at independence mall. have entertainment, food, to keep you and the whole family busy for quite a while up until tonight at 7. that's when the independence performance begins. annual performance by the 65 piece orchestra has old patriotic favorites. more mod enhits mixed in there as well. wawa welcome america activities have been going on all weekend now so visitors and the hometown crowd had a pretty busy schedule thus far. >> didn't realize there were so many until we got to our hotel. >> jam inasmuch as we can. >> if you can't make it out here
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tonight, watch the concert at 7:00. right here nbc 10 and telemundo 62. mandy gonzalez will be a part of that pops performance. little bit of fun here. on this day before july 4th. america's birthday rights here at independence mall. a lot of activity going on already before the block party begins at noon today. for now live at independence mall. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> also happening tonight, enjoy the best of broadway. part of wawa welcome america. free 90 minute concert held featuring music from 11 broadway shows like wicked and phantom of the opera. happening tonight. how about a movie under the stars. >> kids and adults are going to love this. we do. you can enjoy the hit animated
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movie sing for free from 9-11 right here on franklin scare. part of the sample of the fun all morning long. breaking down wawa welcome america events happening today and also tomorrow. also get updates on the free nbc 10 app. 6:05. top news headlines. starting with breaking news, delaware has a new budget. late last night and a day after the state deadline t house and senate passed a $4.1 billion spending plan. approved more than $60 million in cuts to senior centers. governor john carney signed the budget bill into law. meantime new jersey's budget stalemate continues. now into day three of the state government shutdown. governor christie and state assembly are split on overhauling the state's largest health insurer. shutdown took effect after the budget deadline passed friday
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night and as a result state parks and nonessential services are closed. we'll have a live report from trenton coming up at 6:30. new from overnight, investigators in dplagloucester county look for the cause of a fire at an auto body shop. flames ripped through the shop. took crews about 90 minutes to put out the fire. no one was hurt. 6:06. man accused of road rage murder in chester county is in prison. david turned himself in yesterday after a four day search across several states. authorities saying he shot and killed bianca roberson last week. merging lanes on west ocean township. roberson's parents listened as they announced his arrest. recovery of truck and gun believed used in the murder. loved ones and friends of the victim, emotions are still raw.
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>> this is a story of a savage and senseless murder. >> roberson was about to start university. graduated from high school just last month. family of the suspect posted handwritten note on the door. hearts go out to the roberson family. no further comment at this time. president trump is keeping all options open on pushing for health care reform. president's top legislative aide insist the senate is getting close to agreeing on republican bill to repeal and replace the affordable care act. aide said the president is calling lawmakers to get the deal done. also said he believes he should consider repealing the aca and replacing it later. 6:07. the sun is up. over in cape may, look at that. foggy there. >> very foggy. >> hard to see where the ocean
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is. some folks there dealing with that this morning. 73 degrees in philadelphia. check in with meteorologist bill henley to get the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> looking at fog there. already thinning out at the shore. sunshine for the rest of the area. delran new jersey, few scattered clouds. no rain during the day today. chance few neighborhoods will see an evening shower. no rain chance few neighborhoods will see an evening shower. upper 60s for new jersey. shore 73 degrees. wildwood with sea fog. won't last. temperatures will climb and will fog will disappear at the shore. low 60s in poconos completely clear this morning. humidity will be dropping thanks to winds coming into the west or west northwest. much drier air takes hold across the area. you'll feel the humidity dropping this morning. then it would be especially low this afternoon. making for pretty nice afternoon and evening.
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few scattered clouds north and west of the area. late day showers in the lehigh valley and suburbs. isolated shower is possible this evening. most areas going to stay dry. future cast hour by hour shows the warmup for in for today: into the 80s and low 90s this afternoon. 90 in philadelphia by 5:00. scattered showers. most of that activity passes to the north. slight chance of a pop-up shower if you do see one in the suburbs, even into delaware during the early evening hours, brief and expected to be light and then be drying out as we head to late evening hours. pretty nice day today. a lot of sunshine. 91 degrees in philadelphia. temperatu temperatures heating up. a few scattered clouds late in the afternoon. keep an eye out for that isolated shower later today. 86 by lunchtime and up to 91 degrees this afternoon.
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the exception will be the shore. temperatures peak right around lunchtime and drops a little bit as the winds kick in this afternoon for the jersey shore. heading to the pucks. independence maul this evening. pretty nice wlr for it. the sun will be setting at 8:33. still sunny and warm. 8:00 this evening and by 9:00, as the concert comes to an end, down to 83 degrees. look at your fourth of july forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> see you then, bill. a lot of people anxious to see the forecast for the fourth. find out what the roads are looking like. >> everything looks light right now. that's a good thing. start off your monday morning. route 202. right around route 29. camera we're watching here. sun is come can go up nicely here. pretty shot. if you're moving from 29 to the schuylkill. speeds into the mid 60s.
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watching a crash. paying attention to mass transit as well. septa buses on detour. 38 and 44. that service was going to be starting that detour around 6:00 this morning. watch for the detour buses. schuylkill end with drive times here on a good note. everything green. eastbound. very right. 12 minutes right now from blue route to vine street expressway. >> thank you. governor chris christie is getting black lash for holiday weekend get away. that's because he spent time on a beach closed to the public during government shutdown. what he says about his private vacation come can go up. straight ahead, twitter attack. getting criticism from his own party. controversy up next. first a look at the local pennsylvania towns firework displays tonight.
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republicans condemns a video president trump tweeted over the weekend. showing him pummelling a man in a business suit with a cnn logo over his face. pamela osborne live with more of the backlash trump is getting from his own party. senator tom carper of delaware among those republicans sounding off and speaking out. he reacted to that video at nbc meet the press yesterday saying he looks at it and shakes his head. this is the video share.
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liked even more than that posted by the president sunday morning. the video itself is from mr. trump's 2007 appearance at wrestle mania where he body slammed wwe owner vince mcman. in the edit, the face has been swapped out with cnn logo. comes less than a week after mr. trump launched an attack on the most of msnbc morning joe. this weekend anti-trump rallies broke out all across the country. protesters calling for the president's impeachment. here's fellow republican and ohio governor john kasich weighing in on the president's latest controversy. >> unfortunate and people are now begging the president now to do this, and, you know, he ought to stop doing it. cnn responded to the video says, quote, it's is sad day when the
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president encourages the violence of reporters. set to have first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. i'm pamela osborne. nbc 10 news. >> pamela, thank you. 6:17. let's check the roads. you might be getting up early. head down the shore. >> may be heading down. a little late to head down there. folks may be heading down on monday morning. >> really now is the time. if that's what you're doing. you're a smart one. 42 freeway here. maybe you had to pass through this area. right here splits off. this is headed northbound towards philadelphia. right now, we're not seeing any big problems. see traffic really smooth. not seeing huge delays on the 42 freeway. watch for construction out in cherry hill or at least lane restrictions right now. 422 looks good. you can see on these drive times haven't budged yet at all.
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expecting this not really to go anywhere. all morning long we're probable going to see quiet roads. eastbound from 29 to schuylkill, eight minute trip. average speeds in the 60s. end with crash on horsham. right around maple avenue. 6:18. 73 degrees outside. take a live look outside. see with the morning looks like. looks like a beautiful morning. beautiful day with lowering humidity. got to like that. hot over the weekend and steamy too. humidity will be dropping as the day goes on. beautiful vau fr view from ocean city new jersey today. sunshine to start the warming process. in the 80s at the shore this afternoon. right now cape may courthouse 74 degrees. 72 in summerer's point.
6:19 am
temperatures peak around lunchtime at the shore. inland areas. 60s and 70s. 73 degrees in philadelphia. delaware at 72 degrees. few naneighborhoods are in 60s. somerton in the 60s while port richmond 77 degrees to start with. humidity is a little bit elevated this morning. drops as the day goes on. this is philadelphia. you can see 90 degrees by 3:00. look at the moisture line. falls. goes lower this afternoon. and lower into even thing hours. got a really nice day ahead. nice july day. third of july will be dry. doppler radar and satellite. nothing to show you for wilmington, philadelphia and trenton. there are clouds north and west. showers crossing lake erie. chance of shower for us. mainly north and west of our area. chances for showers on the coming days don't look that great. not until we get to later portion of the week.
6:20 am
tomorrow morning 6:15. isolated shower possible. start dry on the fourth of july. by 11 krok in the morning. see just a few scattered clouds. a lot of sunshine and the temperature wills fall short of the 90 degrees mark tomorrow. 2:15 in the afternoon. few isolated pop-up showers possible in the afternoon hours. i think that's going to be the exception rather than the rule for your fourth of july. things looking good for the fourth. the parade starts at 10:00 in the morning. 79 degrees. for the concert in the evening. 82 degrees. partly sunny at 7:00. fireworks at 9:30. 79 degrees. temperatures dropping. there's a chance of shower during the day. isolated shower threat, but more likely going stay dry. temperatures peeking in the upper 80s tomorrow afternoon. after we reach into the 90s today. 92 today. less humid. humidity stays lower tomorrow. 71 in the morning. 88 in the afternoon. great fourth of july. looks like it's going to be dry
6:21 am
for wednesday. showers holding off for thursday, friday. saturday. dry up for the second half of the weekend. stays dry for most of next week until we get to wednesday. heat, humidity, chance of showers and thunderstorms return. tracey. looks terrific. 21 minutes past six. home decor could pose a threat. lights being recalled after several reports of people getting hurt. talk about a wild ride. coming up, the surprise visitor that popped out of one woman's hood. >> emily: i want to live on my own
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but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today.
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home depot is recalling thousands of light fixtures. three light and four light vanity fixtures. light shades can fall off creating cut and burn hazard. sold the fixtures from december through march of this year.
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contact design solutions international for a free replacement light shade. >> 6:25. happening today 76ers begin practice and play out west in utah jazz summer league. three day program give the sixers first look at rookies and free agents. spotlight in the summer games will be on the nba top draft pick. guard from washington expected to anchor the sixers back court for years to come. pat neshek will be the loan philly at the all-star game next week. earned run average is tenth right now. tenth best among majors relievers. this will be his second all-star appearance. 73 degrees at 6:25. look at this. few scattered clouds. great view from the poconos mountains in the 60s this morning. low 60s at that. humidity you're feeling this morning, not going to last. it's going to be falling during the day.
6:26 am
temperatures climb. i've got your neighborhood forecast. just ahead. >> i'm katy zachary. live in front of the state house in trenton. people in new jersey are waking up. many unable to go to favorite vacation spots. tell you what state law make reverse doing this morning to reverse the government shutdown. later the picture of governor christie's july 4th vacation kicking up a new controversy for the embattled governor. "feeling alright" plays ]
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and still have dry eye symptoms? ready for some relief? xiidra is the first and only eye drop approved for both the signs and symptoms of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait at least 15 minutes before reinserting. chat with your eye doctor about xiidra. closed for business. several offices and parks shutdown. live with the impact to the public. >> house level. the problem that reduced a pennsylvania family home to rubble. >> stage is set. hours of free family fun kicks off here at independence mall in just a few hours from now. nbc 10 starts now.
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>> 6:30. right about now. good morning. vai sikahema. >> i'm tracey davidson. very busy couple of days. a lot to do. check your weather. we're seeing improving conditions already at the shore. was nice and foggy. if you look closely, could see a few rain drops. lit bit of mist to start with at cape may. starting to thin out. now see beach avenue and the beach. sunshine will warm temperatures from the 70s right now into the 80s on the beach. this afternoon, going to be a hotter day. it's a cooler start this morning for the suburbs. sunshine and 61 degrees. 66 degrees in the lehigh valley. nothing more than a few scattered clouds in easton. warm to the upper 70s the 9:00 and 84 degrees a little later this morning and this afternoon. will be closer to 90 degrees. philadelphia 73 now. 82 at 9:00. look at the winds. not a strong wind. coming out of the northwest. drier air starts moving this
6:31 am
morning. westerly wind at noontime. humidity will be much lower than yesterday. in fact going to be dropping for just about everyone this afternoon. the exception will be the jersey shore. where stay a little bit muggier not as hot this afternoon. 85 degrees. breezy afternoon at the shore. 90 today. look at the fourth of july when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. tell you that we're not going to see a lot of stuff going on today. that's what i think. that's my professional opinion here. starting on the blue route right now and looking at it around the boulevard. around route 1. ten minutes for the total drive time from this point to the schuylkill. average speeds there into the 60s. we're not seeing any problems there on 422. 95 looks good. 12 minutes right now. not seeing any increase in drive times at all. something i'm not surprised about. light traffic week from the vin
6:32 am
to the woodhaven. doylestown running 10 minutes late. the impact of the government shutdown in new jersey expands today. several state offices will be closed for business. sending thousands of state workers on furlough. >> returned today to try to hammer out a deal. what is holding up a deal and the impact on the public. >> reporter: the impact on the public, yes, it is not what new jersey taxpayers wanted to wake up to today. many of them are shut out of favorite july 4th vacation spot. this is where the lawmakers will return this morning. to come up with a budget plan to send to christie to reimburse government shutdown. not able to go to favorite beach, park or historic site. courts are closed today too because of budget stalemate.
6:33 am
governor chris christie without a budget to the start of the new fiscal year, no money to run the state. more state control of health insurance giant horizontal blue cross blue should. general speaker was fighting that and has enough democratic support to cause the sail mate. >> i have compromise. i have listened. i want to be clear to all of you. i will not capitulate. >> the outright lies. alternative facts. >> reporter: while most state is siding with governor christie, there is support for prieto. both sides facing fierce criticism from the ballistic. return here at 10:00. reporting live katy zachary nbc
6:34 am
10 news. >> governor christie spotted lounging at the state beach he ordered closed because of the budget trouble. his response to the backlash. meantime breaking budget news in delaware. one day after the deadline, passed the $4.1 billion spending plan. approved restoring more than $60 million in cuts to senior center rs, first responders and taxes on reality transfers pay for that all. governor john carney signed the budget bill into law. state by state and county by county for a look at stories across our area. ocean county want to find vandals who hung a banner at holocaust memorial. covering the memorial at synagogue in lake wood. signage has ethnic slur. banner was discovered saturday.
6:35 am
any information leading to the arrest of those responsible. in bucks county driver under arrest after a car hit a woman and crashed into this house. happened last night. police found the victim in cardiac arrest. neighborhood told nbc 10 the woman is 70 years old. working to find out her condition. the driver stayed on the scene until they arrived. several firefighters recovering from smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion after battling a fire in quakertown yesterday. took crews about an hour to bring the flames under control. utility worker is dead and two others hurt following a gas explosion that levelled a house in lancaster county. investigating a gas leak at the home just before the blast. dozens of responders to the home yesterday. a neighbor described the explosion. >> like an earthquake. everything was shaking. glasses was going ever where.
6:36 am
wood was going everywhere. >> four homes nearby were damaged because of the blast. two injured workers are expected to recover. >> road construction project in delaware now on hold to ease the flow of holiday traffic. also says all easy pass express lanes will remain open. crews resume work on the road projects thursday. >> new details now. national stories making headlines this morning. first learning more about the former doctor who opened fire in new york city hospital. sources say henry bellow was fired from new york's city's human resources administration just a week before the shooting. reportedly told city supervisors he had personal problems and stopped showing up for work months ago. he was eventually fired. on friday showed up where he worked in 2014 and shot six peopling, killing one person, before taking his own life. we also have new information
6:37 am
about a concert shooting in arkansas. 25-year-old ricky hampton was arrested on unrelated charges after he performed at the concerts where 28 people were shot. ham hampton remains a person of interest in the shooting. several suspects and crime is part of dispute between area gangs. look at this video. cleanup from this flooding will continue today in stall new york town of yut ka. many homes basements were damaged by the water. city workers pitched in. >> we're awfulfully lucky we don't deal with that kind of thing. >> going to be dry today. look forward to the fourth. >> remember last week, early on, there was a chance for storms on the fourth of july. i think that's almost out of here, right, bill. >> minimal chance later today.
6:38 am
of most neighborhoods are going to stay dry. in for some pretty nice july weather. especially considering the humidity will be dropping as the day goes on today. down to 73 degrees in philadelphia. not exactly a cool start. normally be in the 60s. the numbers warm up. as it goes up the humidity goes down. little bit of wind out of the northwest this morning. philadelphia at 2:00. suburbs 68 degrees right now. 81 at 10:00. into the middle 80s of lunchtime. upper 80s this afternoon. humidity elevated this morning. drops as the day goes on for the suburbs and lehigh valley. that has allowed the temperature to drop a little lower this morning. already a bit lower in the lehigh valley. few scattered clouds. unlikely to see a shower. as we go to evening hours.
6:39 am
isolated showers possible in the lehigh valley. most of it stays up to the north. 59 degrees right now. quick warmup from just shy of 60s to 77 at 8:00. then 90 degrees this afternoon. humidity comes down. thanks so same north westerly wind. temperatures peek at noontime. 85 degrees. brings the temperatures down this afternoon. sunny skies through the day for the shore. plenty of sunshine for the shore too. scattered clouds over frawley stadium. over the 80s. 10:00 this morning. 90 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. pretty nice day today. heading to the historic district block party. no problem. noontime just a few scattered clouds in philadelphia. sunshine and 87 degrees. 4:00 90 degrees. wind out of the west at eight miles an hur. tomorrow we will see sunshine
6:40 am
for the fourth of july, but the temperatures not going to get into the 90s. looking like it's going be in the 80s and humidity stays in check for the fourth of july. go beyond the fourth. go beyond the entire week with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> bill was showing us the temperatures. >> thumbs up. the parade is going to be a lot of fun if the weather holds up, great. we're starting here. looks great. seeing really low drive times. no surprise there. very little rush hour at all eastbound from the schoolle. even with that eastbound side moving towards the schuylkill. watching a crash in montgomery. right around bethlehem pike. new to the system there. very minor delays for septa. new jersey transit, am track,
6:41 am
patco all running on time. very light volume on the rest of the new jersey roads. watching sun glare. little difficult to see. even through cameras here. either way a few cars going by at a time. no big delays or volume reported light now. as you can see the roads are smooth. any of this appeal to you, coffee, free coffee, concert sixty tickets or all-inclusive vacations. >> up next, how you can be in the running to win that. closed to the public. up next, response to the outcry that it's caused. married to a crocodile. the mayor who wed a crocodile and reason for unusual up in yu
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governor chris ttie getting backla backlash. state parks are closed to the public because of the budget stalemate. journal spotted he and his family at the island beach park closed to the public because of the shutdown. the governor's residence there is owned by the state. christie defended the use of the property says that's the way it goes. run for the governor and you can have the residence. quarter of seven on this monday morning. show you events happening today and tomorrow for wawa welcome america. today until noon. enjoy the annual historic block
6:46 am
party. fun fvt r activities at the go forth and learn zone. carnival games, face painting. in addition to all of the free wawa welcome america events, we are making this summer fun for nbc 10 viewers. >> this is super cool. our summer fun give away is our way of saying thank you. you have a chance to win one of these prizes. first all inclusive get away from apple vacations. wawa coffee for a year. how does that sound. patio set from county line fence. trip to watch a taping of america's got talent live in la also up for grabs. a pair o two day bases to budweiser made in america. log on to or download free nbc 10 app. facebook or tw we'll announce the winner live during the july 4th concert on the parkway. you can watch live right here on
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nbc 10 tomorrow night 7:00 followed by the fireworks. you can watch all of thiez big events right here on nbc 10. also be sure to check out nbc 10 app. links to all of the free wawa welcome america events happening today and tomorrow and all across the city. plenty to do. so speaking of plenty to do. what will be on your plate for the holiday barbecue this week. hot dog or hamburger. >> walmart took a state by state look. most states burgers outnumbered hotdogs. pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, all in burgering category. >> i'm a dog guy. i like hotdogs. >> me too. let us know what you are going to have today. >> craig and channel are there. ive like them equally. >> i had one of each yesterday at a barbecue. >> that's the way to do it. coming up here on monday morning on today, guy,s
6:48 am
president trump taking attacks on the media to a new height with this doctored wrestling video. you've been talking about this this morning. this morning why the white house still insists the president is not inciting violence. also ahead, fireworks aren't all fun and games. kid should steer clear. putting a positive spin on a terrifying health scare. battle is not over yet. already making major life changes and inspiring others to do the same. all that and more when we get started on a monday morning. >> a lot going on. >> all right. guys, see you in about 12 minutes. >> enjoy those hotdogs: >> indeed we will. live look. ben franklin bridge. going to be a beautiful day today. we totally lucked out for all the activities you have planned
6:49 am
today. few scattered clouds. they have been thinning out. beautiful day at the shore and rest of the area too. 60s and 70s wamrming into the 8s for the afternoon. a lot of inland neighborhoods reach to the # 90s. fortunate the hoouumidity will dropping. delaware 72 degrees. 68 in south jersey and philadelphia. temperature warms up. look at the moisture level. dropping as the day goes on. significantly different than yesterday. much more comfortable yesterday. clear right now for trenton. no sine of showers. justice crossing like erie. that's a possibility for some spots this afternoon. slight chance we'll see a shower tomorrow. other than that going to wait until the end of the week for
6:50 am
some showers and thunderstorms. heading to the evening. 87 degrees at 7:00. sunset at 80 degrees. down to 82 by 9:00 this evening. got a parade for tomorrow, jessica i will will be in the parade. vai and tracey will be covering it here at nbc 10. if you don't come out, watch it on nbc 10. warm. 83 at 11:00. lunchtime, 85 degrees. staying in the 80s for tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. partly sunny. 88 degrees. morning low of 71 degrees. partly cloudy skies for wednesday. little cooler in the morning. 86 in the afternoon. humidity will still be in check on wednesday. then here comes the chance of showers and thunderstorms for thursday, friday, and into the weekend, but not all weekend. sunday will be drying out.
6:51 am
temperatures will linger in the 80s until we get to next wednesday when the heat and humidity will be building with the chance of more showers sch thunderstorms. looking good for the third. and especially important we're looking good for the fourth. nine minutes before #:00. we look forward to waefi iwavinu guys in the parade. it will be great. >> kissing babies, it will be great. >> expect that of both of you. >>. we're going to start this morning with a really easy drive. cameras around 24th street. not seeing delays anywhere yet. a lot of people are taking a three-day weekend or the whole week off. very light. westbound towards the schuylkill eastbound towards 95. not seeing problems there. there's a crash out in montgomery. right around bethlehem pike. 76 schuylkill expressway looks
6:52 am
good. 12 minutes blue route to vine. imagine this mouse on your windshield. little guy suddenly appeared. she didn't crash. i would have crashed. she said this is the fourth time this has happened. don't you think you would set traps in your garage. she's not sure if the mouse is still around. i would be pulling over and not getting back in until someone finds the mouse. if it's outside, i'm okay. i have to jump out of the car while it's rolling. >> that is i don't like mice. there's nothing strange about a summer wedding. about to show you an unusual summer wed sg. >> the blushing bride is a scaly
6:53 am
crocodile. dressed in white. could have done much better. ritual dates back to the 1700. believed to bring good luck and plentiful harvest of the town. >> tradition for the mayor to mayor the crock and kiss his bride. >> hello. next, look at the top stories we're following for you making headlines this morning. >> plus the fun ahead this morning, part of the wawa welcome america festival.
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here's a look ahead at the top stories we're following today. new jersey government shutdown now in third day. governor christie ordered
6:57 am
lawmakers to return today to haemer out a deal to end the budget stalemate. several businesses closed. thousands of state workers on furlough. state parks also remain closed. delaware has a new budget. signed and sealed. last night passed the $4.1 million spending plan. governor signed into law. budget restores millions of dollars in cuts to senior centers, first responders and nonprofits. taxes on alcohol, tobacco and real estate transfers will pay for it. >> happening today until noon, visit historic block party. kids enjoy games, face painting, crafts at the go forth and learn kid zone. the 65 piece orchestra play a mix of patriotic classics and more modern hits. concert begins at 7:00 p.m. tonight. watch it live at nbc 10 and telemundo 62.
6:58 am
also tonight, enjoy hit animated movie sing for free from 9:00 p.m. until 11:00 right at franklin square. sample of the fun. for a full list, just tap the nbc 10 app. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic right now. watching the schuylkill. camera around girard avenue. no problems or delays and we're not seeing any big drive times. pretty much was expected today. right here eastbound towards center city. westbound if you're headed towards king of prussia should be getting there exactly when you want to. no problems or delays. montgomery watch for a crash. that will tie you up through the intersection. 42 freeway. very empty right now. looks the same if you're headed northbound here or southbound. going towards the shore. heading back to work. today in philadelphia headed to
6:59 am
295. be just fine there. >> sunshine nice and bright. just a few scattered clouds and a few neighborhoods. see them in the suburbs. temperatures cool this morning. look at the sunshine. 77 degrees at 9:00. less humid conditions. 85 degrees at lunchtime. also see the humidity coming down. the lehigh valley 69 degrees right now. 76 currently in philadelphia. warming into the 90s this afternoon. 90 degrees even for the suburbs. 92 degrees in new jersey. while the shore we've seen a little bit of fog this morning. still see a little bit in cape may. sunshine will take care of that. breezy afternoon. near 90 for lehigh valley. less humid conditions for delaware. headed to the block party today. perfect weather. 87. 90s degrees at 4:00. we'll have updates
7:00 am
throughout the morning. always get realtime on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching. enjoy the day. today show starts right now. good morning. twitter smackdown. president trump under fire for another tweet going after the media. sharing this video slamming cnn. the white house defending his actions. >> i do think that he's beaten up in a way on cable platforms, that he has a right to respond to. >> but does it go against these comments from last week? >> the president, in no way, form or fashion, has ever promoted or encouraged violence. if anything, quite the contrary. >> we're live in washington. fiery landing. a smooth flight to denver on a plane operated


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